Monday, December 26, 2011

vaginas & alcohol

you'd be surprised for all the things, 
she forbid me from doing, the question-marks
that gave birth to tattooed embryos, raining down
the face, your mother's life, as an eczema
the drainage of your veins,
gives me reason to believe, gives me
chains, not to behave, but to be brave,
gives me fear,
you're just another flesh tattoo, a birth scar, nevertheless
you're a tumor, you're a cancerous disease,
you're depressive, you're benign
it doesn't matter,

what matters not, is your ability to reason,
the happiness inside your belly, feels like butterflies
exploding, in a nuclear parenthesis,
my cells, break down,
becoming cancerous as we speak,
but it doesn't matter, it doesn't give a shit
he's cancerous, he's brave
for kicking life
for giving life another chance to be shy
what matters not, is your ability to be incomprehensible
giving me, trust, care
just not to be cancerous