Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Sorry, wrong number

Watching the sleeping door

Oh maybe I can smoke some loneliness


‘’I’m not alone, not even on my own’’

Kids screaming all over my face

‘’So strange, oh strange’’

We can all be weird

Weird as fuck

In an imaginary place

Easy, oh

‘’I’m not alone, not even on my own’’

He’s trying to be a clown

Oh, oh

I forgot that I remember that I had amnesia

Epileptic seizures

Bumps on my head and voices blocking my way

My own little kid

Weird as fuck

he is on his own

in love with his soul

Stay in tune

I try to be sarcastic

Don’t feel better

A pill

A kill

Dead souls

All I ever do is feel

Get out, get out, get out

Oh, oh

Not ready to be steady

That’s ok with me

Still I want to be strange

I see stars

Locked in a cell with bars

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Anonymous said...

fovamai tous clown