Tuesday, December 25, 2012

The Symmetry of Dionysus [Episode 1]

We walked down the road and we were just arriving at the old house near the street when she looked at me eerily. ‘’Things haven’t really going well for my family, you know, the stress, the lack of food-they really have taken a toll on us’’ she said.  I just stood there, looking at her with eyes sore like muscles after a good run, my soul in the gutter just waiting to be picked up by a random driver who’s giving odd souls like me hitchhikes. ‘’What can I do to help?’’ I tried to mutter but couldn’t. She looked at me, disappointed, and lowered her head. She looked as if she was let down, like I had put her head in dirty water and held her there with her hands tied behind her back waiting for her to stop struggling. The feeling of her asphyxiation hit me hard, the sounds of her soul crushing against my icy wall of apathy made sounds that made even the sanest men find madness at their doorstep.

I woke up anxiously; sweat dripping of my forehead, grasping my sheets as I tried to drown my fearful scream down my throat. I didn’t recognize the place I was and disoriented as I was, I tumbled down from my sweaty and messy bed. The heart-ached scene of what appeared to be a dream gave way to a dark and moist room, filled with scents of old times and a soaring, deleterious headache was kicking my head, keeping it down with the force of an army man with boots made out of steel. 

My windpipe felt like it was closed for ages now, filled with the nasty aromas that emanated from this awful place and this made me gag.

To be continued..

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