Monday, December 31, 2012

The Symmetry of Dionysus [Episode 2]

I tried getting up but my feet didn’t do much to help, they felt like steel, rusty and hard, they were denying my will to live. After what seemed like hours, I finally found the strength to stand up and move. I had to move, I had to keep on surviving and see the light of day. I had to get out of this hellhole.

My room was a small room with just a bed and an empty table, no chairs and nothing that could be of use for me. I first tried going to the door and listening to what was behind it hoping that I would get an acoustic glimpse of what would surely be my abductors. But there was nothing, the resonance of solitude drowned the place keeping down any noise to a minimum. I turned the handle, slowly moving my body towards the exit, cautiously hovering my hurt limbs over the poorly constructed floor of this god-forsaken place. And it was then that I heard a whisper, tumbling down from the stairs that led to the upper level of this building. It consisted of nothing but static, lip-stutter if I must describe its symmetry.  I looked at my hands and saw cuts, cuts that had been made with something really sharp. I knew of them, my daughter had made such cuts to her own hands when she was a teenager. But she was now dead, the drugs got to her on an icy October day. She was found behind a dumpster, frozen to death with a needle forcefully injected in her neck. The authorities told me that it was a clear-cut case of overdose. But it was then that my daughter’s eyes told me the absolute truth. She looked at me with the only look that could fill a dead person’s eyes, the look of absolute horror. I couldn’t sleep for days; my room felt like I was inside her eyes, demons haunted me and kept me at bay. I lost my job and friends and I looked like a carcass that should have been eaten by predators a long time ago.

To be continued...

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