Sunday, October 28, 2007

Miles Become Smiles (Dedicated To Z)

Μiles become Smiles

Dead in a thoughtful matter of speak

Far away from any distortion

Poking my dreams with a black stick

Strolling away from you

My soul just can’t stand your potion

Kill me just kill me

Not good enough to kiss me

No one’s gonna miss me

Miles become smiles

Down with your eyes

Maybe I’m dead

Can’t you hear the music as it rides the wind?


Bound to your eternal greatness

There’s no easy way to hell

There’s no easy way to tell

If I’m in love

With you

What did I have?

What did I gain?

I lost it all

With a little bit of pain

1 comment:

Y.R.Lia said...

"just for ONE moment,i heard somebody call
looked beyond the day in hand-there's nothing at all
now that i've realised how it's all gone wrong,
gotta fine some THERAPY,this treatment takes TOO long,
deep in the heart of where sympathy held sway,
gotta find my destiny before it gets Too LATE"
joy division