Wednesday, November 24, 2010

How to be in love

let me ride in your rainbow tethered
washing machines
tried to ask you for some emotional food
got dispensed
wasn't fed, i got warts from stomach aches
meant to keep you there, but you stared
knowing that you strayed
does the hunger make me fat
make you sad
i could really enjoy writing stuff
the reasons i feel blessed
are like small kids sold for wheat
outer tunes, that crash into your guts
make you spurt different smiles
incomprehensible detentions of innocence
growing weaker when you grin
i take some time to adjust to you
to the winding motion of your breath
im talking, shut your dreams off
take some time to throw away
your faces, like feces stuck in mud
over again, redo all your pain
feels so good to be insane

Kiss the wind now that she's cold
one more try couldnt harm your heart
turn away and exhale
its said everyday
weak persons' feelings are for sale
for these who are needy
better on your side, kicking guts
it still hurts when i try to be sane
almost as when switching to the fast lane
i couldnt see your eyes when you walked back
tired of meanings that clash back
i enjoy being stupid, like kids selling crack
we're the junkies, we feel shit
now that our umbilical cord has been cut loose

And where is it going now
cand stand the thought of you
tired and diseased
weaker than i shout
shouldnt be the same
when you kickstart my heart
 all feels strangely insane

1 comment:

porcelain said...

All the stars may shine bright
All the clouds may be white
But when you smile
Ohh how I feel so good
That I can hardly wait

To hold you
Enfold you
Never enough
Render your heart to me

All mine.......
You have to be

From that cloud, number nine
Danger starts the sharp incline
And such sad regrets
Ohh as those starry skies
As they swiftly fall

Make no mistake
You shan't escape
Tethered and tied
There's nowhere to hide from me

All mine....
You have to be

Don't resist
We shall exist
Until the day I die
Until the day I die

All mine.......
You have to be